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London Real

Oct 11, 2014

Robert Kiyosaki is a legend.  His groudbreaking book Rich Dad Poor Dad sold 26 million copies and made the bold statement "Don't work for money, make money work for you."


In fact after we recorded this interview I downloaded the audiobook of Rich Dad Poor Dad and listened to it for six hours straight.  After taking finance courses from the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T., trading interest rate derivatives on Wall Street, bond futures in Chicago, and credit derivatives in London, I had NEVER heard the controversial and counterintuitive arguments that Robert puts forth.  I find it very hard to argue with any of them.

So get to work.  Seek out the assets in your life and eliminate the liabilities.  And this not only includes identifying the "cash flow positive" investments but also the "energy flow positive" relationships in your life too.

You can see that Robert and I started going very deep at the end of this conversation when he explained the difference between a free spirit, a warrior spirit, and a corporate spirit.  I only wish we could have continued diving deeper...I think Robert really had something he wanted to tell me.Next time. 


00:00 Trailer.

01:07 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

07:04 Brian’s Introduction.

07:28 The harder you work for money the poorer you get.

09:40 Seeking children’s education that allows questioning of conventional employment pathways.

11:42 Good debt and bad debt.

13:18 Inside each one of us is a poor person.

14:15 The middle class philosophy for education and employment.

15:20 Importance of service. Robert’s views on war.

16:50 The entitlement mentality, how do we change that?

17:53 Fighting your inner wimp.

19:56 Should children be educated in finance and business?

22:11 Robert’s family still think he should get a pay cheque.

23:14 The major stumbling block for today’s young entrepreneurs.

25:34 How the American tax system benefits entrepreneurs.

29:05 What going into his subconscious allows him to do.

31:23 The secret to having a long marriage.

32:43 Where will the spirit move him next?

34:53 Brian’s summing up.