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London Real

Mar 30, 2015

Do You Get Nervous? I Do.

Mar 29, 2015

Few people have been to edge of death and come bounced back to full recovery - especially those with cancer. Anita Moorjani has though, and this week she’s telling her story on London Real. After fighting cancer for four years, it looked like Anita was about to succumb to the disease. Slipping into a coma on February...

Mar 22, 2015

Hannah Witton - The Truth About Sex


I met Hannah at on-stage at the TEDx conference when I was delivering my own talk. At the time she was giving a talk on sex education - which, is somewhat her expertise. As a Youtuber Hannah has carved for herself a following of almost...

Mar 15, 2015

Aubrey de Grey is a true frontiersman, daring to push out against what seems the most natural and unstoppable forces of nature - ageing. He’s not just another voice though, he’s a scientist and identifies ageing as a disease, one that can be cured with the right medicine. His work calls for serious...