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Jan 3, 2021

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Priyanka Chopra is an Indian model, actress, philanthropist and former winner of Miss World. She has starred in over 50 films worldwide including the 2017 movie Baywatch alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and currently stars in the US drama series Quantico. She believes her innate confidence to be the driving factor behind her massive success and credits her parents for instilling her with this belief from a young age.

The Rise of a Bollywood Star

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, singer, film producer and champion of the 2000’s Miss World pageant. As one of India’s most beloved celebrities, Priyanka has garnered a reputation as multi-talented.

She’s even received numerous awards for her excellence, including five Filmfare Awards and one National Film Award. She’s also one of India’s highest-paid celebrities.

In our interview, Priyanka dishes on her rise in Hollywood and gives actors tips from her own experience.

Priyanka recalls her breakout role happened almost overnight. Starring as a special agent, Alex Parish in ABC’s hit drama Quantico, she was scared that the country was not ready for an agent of Indian descent. However, critics loved her acting abilities, and audiences couldn’t get enough of the suspenseful hit show.

Since then, she’s become a big name in Hollywood. Starring in many blockbuster movies, including Baywatch and Isn’t It Romantic.

Through her foundation, she supports a variety of causes; however, none are more important to her than childrens’ rights. In our chat, she discusses being a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador and what it means to her.

Priyanka explains that she often speaks up about education for girls, and promotes discussion panels to encourage people to get involved. She hopes that such a discussion can inspire people from all around the world to help. She wants to spread awareness for children and allow them to have confidence in themselves since they’re deserving of so much more.

Being Different

Life hasn’t always been easy for Priyanka Chopra.

In our chat, she discusses the bullying she received and how she used it to make her stronger. Starting at the young age of twelve, she was the target of racist comments and experienced bullying of all kinds due to her skin colour.

However, if Priyanka Chopra knows anything, it’s how to turn a situation around. She decided to fake her confidence and used it as a shield. That way, her school bully couldn’t see that she was scared.

She later recalls that she doesn’t allow herself to be hurt or affected by those types of comments anymore. Priyanka explains, she doesn’t want to be portrayed as a victim, especially as a woman, since that’s all the world will see.

Instead, she tries to let it go. When it happens, she uses her wit and sarcasm to call them out. There’s nothing like strong-willed confidence to make a bully stand down.

Confidence Is Key

In today’s world, beauty is set to a high and a rather unrealistic standard. However, beauty isn’t everything. As a beauty pageant winner, Priyanka Chopra would know.

It’s the confidence in which you walk into a room and in the ability to do your job that propels you into feeling like a superhero. Such confidence can alleviate your worrisome insecurities and make you feel happy for who you are.

Priyanka notes when you have confidence, you can do anything. She recalls her audition for Quantico in which her nervousness might have overwhelmed her if she didn’t remain confident in her abilities.

Since confidence can boost your self-esteem it makes you feel empowered. It’s that array of confidence that increases your attractiveness and makes others feel that you’re a valuable part of the team.

Priyanka Chopra expresses that confidence is not a born skill; instead, it has to be learned. It takes time to understand, respect, and accept yourself for who you are as an individual. However, when you get to that point in your life, nothing will stop you.

Confidence is the best way to truly be happy with who you are.

How to Maintain Confidence

Once you found your confidence, it can be pretty tricky to maintain it. You have to remind yourself over and over again, why you love yourself, and what about you makes you happy. It can be tiring and, at times, challenging.

Even Priyanka Chopra has struggled with maintaining her confidence. In our interview, she discusses how she’s able to regain confidence time and time again by looking back on her success. She explains that if you have a “go-getter” attitude, you can get anything accomplished.

So she works hard to prove not only to the others around her but to herself that she deserves the roles she’s been given. Acknowledging that she’s, in fact, deserving of those parts is certainly an ego booster, but it increases her confidence day by day.

Confidence is not something that can be taken away. It’s almost like a superpower that can be used to fuel your ambitions. You can increase it a little each day and who knows maybe the next you’ll become a movie star.

Watch Priyanka Chopra Interview

Confidence is a feeling that’s helped Priyanka Chopra get to where she is today. She credits it a lot throughout the interview as she explains she’s doesn’t like to fail. To achieve success, she makes sure she’s confident in her abilities so she can perform well.

Priyanka also talks about a range of other topics. From working in diverse genres to the passing of her father, Priyanka opens up about her career and family life in this lengthy interview. In addition, she expresses her ambitions and what might be in store in the next chapter of her life.