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London Real

Apr 25, 2015

Marc Goodman is a thinker, writer and global strategist exploring what criminality and terrorism could look like in the close future.

With technology advancing at exponential rates, it becomes an open opportunity platform for those within our international society that would seek to threaten others. All are realistic threats, from global crime networks stealing your identity to hidden terror cells 3D printing AK-47 rifle and drones. Marc is asking the questions out loud, and bringing some answers. How open are these amazing breakthrough technologies, robotics, AI, social data, synthetic biology to manipulation?

It’s a hot topic and Marc’s book, Future Crimes, shot straight up the New York Times bestseller list after it’s release two months ago. But Marc, of course, isn’t just another journalist. He’s writing from experience working for Interpol in France. While training police forces from around the world he realised the rising threat of cybercrime and terror - a trend that would only continue as the internet would embed itself into every aspect of life.

Actively establishing space for the future crime conversation Marc set-up the Future Crimes Institute, a think-tank organisation committed to informing and educating about the risks of new technologies. He’s also continually writing for the academics at Harvard and Oxford, while also getting the message out to the population in the likes of Wired magazine.

Today on London Real, take a journey to the frontline of cyber warfare and crime.