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London Real

Jan 29, 2017

John Gooden is a presenter and sports commentator currently serving as the lead presenter and play-by-play commentator for the UFC EMEA region.



00:00 Trailer.

02:08 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

05:04 Brian’s Introduction.

06:23 Who is this English guy with a bow tie, what does he know about MMA?

10:25 Fluctuations in UFC influence in UK.

12:39 John’s aim to elevate audience experience.

15:02 Early life skills invaluable in John’s progression to his current success.

23:40 A tense Cage Warriors assignment in Chechnya.

28:13 John’s perspective on Conor McGregor from his early days.

39:33 What makes John Kavanagh’s Straight Blast gym special?

41:50 Ido Portal’s work with Conor McGregor.

45:42 What has made Conor McGregor the super star?

51:45 The art of commentating. Who will replace Mike Goldberg?

58:24 Exciting opportunities for the UFC under new ownership.

1:03:30 John’s ground breaking working relationship with Dan Hardy.

1:11:31 John’s thoughts on Ronda Rousey.

1:18:31 Will Connor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather Jr?

1:20:37 What experiences and nutritional beliefs make John the person he is.

1:38:18 Success secrets.

1:39:00 Phone call to 20 year old John Gooden.

1:40:41 Best advice ever received.

1:41:25 Phone call to the 20 year old who aspires to being a UFC broadcaster.

1:44:29 Keep exploring direct interaction.

1:47:41 Brian’s summing up.