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London Real

Nov 8, 2020

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Not many people get the opportunity to have a personal interview with members of their own family, but this is my opportunity to sit down with Dad and get to know more about his life.

He was born in 1942 in Florence, Arizona in a hospital made of Adobe – mud bricks, to which people still use to this day. In fact, my grandad’s house was made of the same material.

Growing up, both his parents, my grandparents, were farmers and lived in the south of America. During the depression, they came west and ended up in Arizona. His dad worked as a farmer while his mother worked in the courts.

Times were tough. They didn’t have much, they had no real help, no services and it was all hazards and hardships.

We talk today about how life has gotten easier for people and there isn’t that challenge anymore to test yourself or push through adversity and standing up for what you are fighting for. It seems to be an easier way of life.

Yet, working on the farm helped me become a better person. Understanding the challenges of life and what it feels like to roll up your sleeves, dive into the hard work and savour the benefits for your accomplishments.

My father’s childhood was one he didn’t see as difficult. Sure, there were kickbacks and it was busy, but it is about reaching your goals to strive for better.

Personally, it helped him to step up and deliver, and he always thrived in a challenge. Similar to me, my father gave me a dose of masculinity to achieve more.

Likewise, we thrive on bettering ourselves and diving into a challenge. We both follow the same mantra in not taking on a task with little care or effort. It is all about asking the hard questions and getting answers.

My Dad is a very private person and this was a great opportunity to open up with him and discuss his early life, his parents, his influence on my childhood and his career.

So join us in this deep conversation, one that we have never really spoken about before, and hopefully this can inspire you to have the same conversation with your parents.