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London Real

Nov 16, 2014

As the high speed train wound its way up the English coast and onto the seas of Scotland I passed the hours by studying the man whom I would soon meet again, Dan Peña.  I perused his full dossier:  biography, newsletters, videos, and speeches looking for something that would tell me more about the man that I could not yet fully understand.  But was I studying my enemy or my future mentor?Six months earlier I had the dubious honour of welcoming the "50 Billion Dollar Man" into my studio in Shoreditch in East London for a two hour interview where I was both repulsed and fascinated by his many accomplishments and accolades.  I declared on camera that the London Realers would either "Love him or Hate him" and the subsequent 50,000 views racked up on YouTube quickly answered my question.  They loved Dan Peña.