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London Real

Oct 28, 2020





BRIAN FOR MAYOR: https://BrianForMayor.London/

I wanted to speak from the heart about why I have decided to make this incredible decision to change the course of my life and maybe change the course of the future of London.

I sat down with my wife recently and told her about my plans to run for Mayor of London and she asked one simple question: “why go do this, it is such a risk, such an uncertainty.”

It’s a great question and I appreciate my wife for asking.

And when I thought about it, I came to this conclusion: I can’t not do this. This has been laid in front of me. You can talk the talk about how this city needs to change, or you can walk the walk. And I want to walk the walk.

Having experienced the plethora of problems this great city is facing first hand, I knew I had to put myself in the arena.

It is time to stop complaining about the many issues we face, and instead provide the solutions our city needs.

Currently, we have a total lack of leadership, a disproportionate response to the virus and a complete lack of science-based decision making.

Our city will never return to its former glory without a serious change of leadership which can London in a new direction.

We need leadership which will provide the following:

- Get London back to work

- Put Londoners Health First

- Implement a science-based approach

- Ensure a bright future for our young people

- Make London the greenest capital city in the world

- Make London Safe

- Fight for Digital Freedom of Speech

However I can’t do it alone. I will need the help of every citizen of this great city working together towards our common goal.

Join us at www.BrianForMayor.London & Let’s Make London a World-Class City Once Again