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London Real

Sep 27, 2014

When I chart the evolution of Timothy Shieff, I chart the evolution of myself.  For the past 18 months I have watched this young man grow from a short-haired freerunner into a seasoned, spiritual sage.  At the same time I too have grown into my own skin, embracing my role as the host of London Real and allowing into my heart the love and positive energy I get every day from all of you around the world.  Tim recognises this change in me and wasn't shy about pointing it out!

Just a few days after this interview Tim was arrested in a peaceful protest at the Climate Change March in London as he scaled a building in an anonymous mask.  Mr. Shieff talks the talk and walks the walk.  Would we expect anything different from him?

Tim is first and foremost a vegan, a cause that he has embraced wholeheartedly and one that he pursues relentlessly, often times in the face of harsh criticism.  But for Tim veganism is a noble cause, a movement that in his mind the world must accept sooner or later.  This genuine, selfless spirit makes his arguments so compelling.

Big love and much peace to you Timothy Shieff, I look forward to doing this again in 2016.