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London Real

Oct 18, 2014

The first reason you need to see the latest documentary by Adam Scorgie is that its already causing conversation.

Controversy is the tremor that precedes tomorrow's release for this anticipatd film, which was entirely brought about through a kickstarter campaign

Adam’s first smash-hit documentary, The Union, took a closer look at the business of cannabis in British Colombia. It was an immediate success, with it’s mature journalism and alternative angles on the drug debate. The Union, however, paved the way for Adam’s biggest project yet - a comprehensive look at cannabis prohibition, crime, industrialisation of US prisons and the part that the war on drugs plays in it all.

The advocacy documentary draws on popular cultural figures, like Joe Rogan and Wiz Khalifa, as well as scientists and legal experts. At the frontline of the ongoing exchange Adam illustrates just how cannabis criminalisation plays a significant part in a vast, inverted and corrupt system despite the science. 

As fascinating in conception as much as subject, the film is also set apart as a real product of it’s time. In an age where disillusion with mainstream media productions is growing, The Culture High’s production was entirely crowd-funded. Websites like Kickstarter empower people to financially support projects they value. While documentary making is not a particularly lucrative business, Adam’s new film raised above and beyond the target of $190,000 with strong community support, totalling donations at $240,022. 

London Real’s Brian, Colin and Dre had the opportunity to get to the premiere prior to Adam’s upcoming appearance on the show. Adam has been a guest on the show before and it was about time we had him back - don’t miss him, this Sunday.This is a must see ground-breaking documentary and is available NOW on the above link from Vimeo for $11.69 with the Promo Code "LONDONREAL" (10% off).Order it NOW and Support these amazing Filmmakers.