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London Real

May 28, 2017


Robert McKee is a creative writing instructor who is widely known for his popular "Story Seminar", which he developed when he was a professor at the University of Southern California. McKee is the author of a "screenwriters' bible" called Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting. Online, McKee has a blog and a writers' resource website called "Storylogue".



00:00 Trailer.

02:17 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

05:04 Brian’s introduction.

05:59 A love affair with London since the 1960s.

09:55 The need for good roles for fine actors.

16:30 New era of the long form story.

20:44 Moral conflict is a compelling fascination.

22:51 How the reader or viewer may empathise with a particular character.

27:33 Story is character and character is story.

30:41 Story is a metaphor for life and equipment for living.

35:16 Trump is a bullshitter.

37:26 Why Robert chooses to write encompassing the mediums of page, stage and screen.

40:43 The challenges for emerging authors, screen and play writers.

44:51 What Stanislavski meant by ‘The art of themselves or themselves and the art.’

49:51 The misconception of Holywood.

51:32 What people are looking for in attending Robert’s 3 day teaching marathon seminar.

57:41 Does the creative personality need nurturing or to be given realistic truths?

1:00:41 How writers can help humanity in today’s confusing world.

1:04:20 What motivates Robert’s pace of work.

1:10:35 How close was Brian Cox’ portrayal of Robin in Adaption?

1:13:37 The new TV and Web series that excite Robert and give hope for the future of writing.

1:21:33 Robert’s words of advice from his experience.

1:22:47 Brian’s summing up.