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London Real

May 30, 2015


If you’ve missed the juicing phenomenon that took the health world by storm this year, then allow us to introduce you to one of it’s patron saints - Mr Joe Cross. Joe, who was suffering from a serious autoimmune disease, was 310lbs and on steroids had had enough and knew that a change of lifestyle was in order. His aim was simply to abandon the conventional medications and pills, which were taking their toll on his health overall, and to only drink fresh fruit and juiced vegetables. It was a drastic bid to regain control of his life and his body - and it paid off!

His journey was recorded in a feature length documentary (which is available on Netflix) called ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. It traces his complete passage from depressed and overweight to revitalised and, as he likes to say, “rebooted”.

Since the movie it’s been his aim to share the knowledge and encourage others to abandon the junk food of restaurants and supermarkets in favour of juicing. He exhibits the best of the Australian character - fiery, funny and down-to-earth genuine - which makes him a great guest and an even better educator. So, suspend your disbelief and don’t miss this weeks episode, it might just change your life.