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London Real

Oct 29, 2017

Norman Quentin Cook, also known by his stage name Fatboy Slim, is an English DJ, musician, multi-instrumentalist and record producer and mixer. As a solo electronic act, he has won ten MTV Video Music Awards and two Brit Awards.



00.00 Trailer.

01:56 Brian’s introduction.

03:37 The Studio where experimental music was made under the influences mood board.

09:24 Fatboy Slim not quite what Americans were expecting.

13:40 Records were a rarity, they had a ‘B’ side and people had to attend a gig to hear them.

16:35 Grandmaster Flash turned Norman from a Punk Rocker to wanting to be a DJ.

21:31 Why Brighton, not London, has remained central.

26:32 Sampling with no rules, having fun, but not always getting away with it.

28:51 ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby’, goes to number one in the charts.

30:36 Using feedback by being a DJ as to what pleased the crowd.

32:19 Record sources of his riffs, drum beats etc

36:27 Norman’s “have fun and break rules” attitude harmonised with Spike Jonze’s video.

40:37 Does great art have first to offend people and why he loves Keith Haring’s work.

42:26 The difference between a star performer and a DJ and why he prefers DJaying.

45:09 When 250,000 people came to his gig on the beach in Brighton..

48:43 The power of music to create collective euphoria, perhaps religious, even tribal experience 59:02 DJaying is powerful, intense and very rewarding.

1:04:21 DJs can go on for ever.

1:06:20 How Norman keeps in such good shape, able to be on stage until 6am.

1:06:59 Norman is involved in other creative projects, but doesn’t want another number one hit.

1:10:05 Why he’s never taken a break from working.

1:13:02 Phone call to the 20 year old Norman Cook

1:15:46 Best advice ever received.

1:16:04 Advice to the 20 year watching who wants to be a DJ.