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London Real

Oct 25, 2014

On my first meeting with Ayah Marar I got such a warm embrace of positive, maternal energy it felt like my mother, my sister, and Suzy the shaman all rolled up in one!My expectations of the singer/songwriter who tours with the world famous Calvin Harris were quickly dashed and I felt like I was hanging out with a long-time friend.  She is humble, honest and real....all the right ingredients for the best episodes of London Real.

Moving from Jordan to London at age 18 she quickly got involved in the London music scene and met a very young Calvin Harris whom she would later go on to collaborate with.  She tours relentlessly and released her first album "The Real" on her own label, Hustle Girl.

Ayah is a woman wise beyond her years and has a maternal energy I rarely see these days.  I could quote her for days:

"London is the place where anybody can come to start."

"If something is real, you'll know it, you'll feel it."

"It's the tiniest of things about us that are so important."

"If I could live my life on stage, I would."

"When you get to the top there is nowhere else to go, so why are you in a rush?"

Please join me in welcoming Ayah Marar to the London Real family.