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London Real

Sep 20, 2014

WARNING:  Before watching this episode you must throw everything you think you know about Alex Ikonn straight out the window.

Yes he has the dream life, the dream wife, and the successful career.  Yes his YouTube channel is full of videos like "How to Change the WORLD!" and "How to: WIN LIFE" and "How to Create Your Dream Life".  But, like every successful entrepreneur that I've ever met, his journey was beset with tragedy, self-doubt, complications, mistakes, and longing for community.  Don't let the pastel colours fool you.

Alex has practical advice about how anyone can make money by ultimately creating value and thinking about someone else's needs before your own.  If you think of any successful business throughout history, they ultimately provided a product that made their customer's lives better.  Make yourself valuable and the cash will follow.

This episode is not just about success in business but about what to do when you finally achieve all of those things you have wished for your entire life...and then realise you are not any happier.  Ultimately Alex learned that life is one continuous growth pattern, and as soon as that stagnates then you will find yourself with a whole new set of problems.

Please join me in welcoming Alex to our London Real community.