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London Real

Feb 22, 2015


Today I can finally announce something I have been waiting over 3 years to do.

Our very first London Real Event ever!

And who better to feature as our inaugural guest than the 50 Billion Dollar Man himself, Mr. Dan Peña.

On March 28th at The Ritz Hotel in London you will have the chance to spend "An Intimate Day with Dan Peña" and a group of 30 select London Realers chosen for their achievements, character, and integrity.
Click here , to watch a video of me describing the details of the event and to submit your application.  We will choose the earliest and most qualified applicants. 
The price for the day with Dan is £997 + VAT with a 10 person VIP dinner for £495 + VAT.
Please only come if you can afford this event, there will be plenty of other lower cost meetings and chances to connect with me personally via our premium content site coming in the next few months.  

But if you can afford it this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will surely return you 10 to 100 times the investment.
I look forward to seeing you there and meeting you in person,