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London Real

Jul 23, 2017

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vishen Lakhiani founded Mindvalley in 2003 while he was living in New York, after discovering the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to help him cope with a stressful sales career.

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00:00 Trailer.

01:40 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:47 Brian’s introduction.

05:50 Vishen’s background and European connections.

07:01 Seeking ways to build on and accelerate student’s ideas of human consciousness.

10:55 How meditation increased Vishen’s earning potential and changed his outlook on life.

15:38 Change in skills taught required for future world with access to personal AI and robotics use.

20:01 New Mindvalley Academy one month city campuses will offer new vision of learning for all ages.

33:05 What Vishen learned from running the first city campus.

35:36 Experience of being on the USA Muslim watch list led to Mindvalley’s mission.

47:14 Speaking out with respect against Donald Trump during the election.

50:21 The human colossus message and the cancerous cells trying to destroy it.

57:32 How to live that message.

1:05:15 Vishen’s biggest challenge as CEO of Mindvalley.

1:06:23 Why A-fest was started.

1:11:15 What Mindvalley could look like in fifty years.

1:12:26 Vishen’s daily habits.

1:15:01 How Vishen parents.

1:16:56 What Vishen does to keep physically fit.

1:19:36 What genre is Mindvalley?

1:21:16 Success secrets

1:21:45 The target that keeps Vishen awake at night.

1:22:29 Global view for what scares Vishen.

1:27:22 Forgiving but not pardoning.

1:31:05 Unfuckwithable definition and meaning.

1:32:45 Telephone call to the 20 year old Vishen Lakhiani.

1:33:52 Best advice ever received.

1:35:21 How Vishen developed his company culture.

1:38:49 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to be part of this human colossus.

1:40:11 Brian’s summing up.



Mindvalley in the beginning was just a small e-commerce store that sold self-help programs and courses. “I started Mindvalley with $700 and a beat-up laptop in Starbucks,” is often how Vishen would begin the Mindvalley origin story. But in 2004, after he struggled to keep his US Visa, he moved back to Kuala Lumpur, at the height of a national brain drain, and years before the birth of the startup ecosystem in Asia.

And so he made it his mission to built one of the best workplaces in the world in Malaysia, despite the odds. Today, Vishen leads a 200-strong team of over 40 nationalities under a multi award-winning company culture.

In the past decade, Mindvalley has garnered a global reputation for being a leading edu-tech company specializing in modern learning experiences and content, launching online academies and digital platforms that publishes personal growth education in areas such as wellbeing, mindfulness, relationships, fitness, entrepreneurship and more. The company has also been recognized by the likes of Forbes, The Huffington Post, BBC and Inc. Magazine. Yet Vishen built Mindvalley with zero angel investors, venture capitalist money or government grants.

"Our mission is to empower people to live healthier and happier lives, and unleash their fullest human potential (our tagline is Be Extraordinary), by introducing them to tools and ideas that are currently missing from traditional education systems," said Vishen, who is determined to help revolutionize the global education system. "Our goal? To launch a school for one billion people worldwide."

Vishen is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and sits on the Innovation Board for XPRIZE Foundation. Through Mindvalley he has won numerous awards for company culture and workspace design.

His book, The Code of The Extraordinary Mind, published by Rodale, blends evolutionary biology and computational thinking, and provides a new framework for identifying, questioning and redefining beliefs to understand and enhance the human self, drawing knowledge from from the world's brightest minds such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Peter Diamandis, Ken Wilber, Arianna Huffington and more.



MUSIC: Recrel by dj sadhu