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London Real

Aug 21, 2016

Ryan Holiday - Ego Is The Enemy
Ryan Holiday is an American author, marketer, and entrepreneur. He is a media strategist, the former Director of Marketing for American Apparel and a media columnist and editor-at-large for the New York Observer.

00:00 Trailer.
01:27 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:42 Brian’s Introduction.
05:50 Anyone with ambition needs to be wary of ego and manage that.
07:55 Emulating in his life the greatest fighters as the most humble and stoic people.
09:39 Ryan’s journey from 18 to 26.
11:31 The ego struggles with the conundrum of principle or stubbornness.
13:56 Has writing about ego and stoicism set him up for future scrunity?
14:52 Ryan’s definition of ego.
16:13 What Ryan considered before risking a move to New Orleans to write a book.
18:40 How Ryan sets about writing a book.
21:29 Too young to write a book on stoicism?
23:59 Conscious decisions on different cover styles for ‘Trust Me I’m Lying’ and ‘Obstacle’.
25:00 How Ryan uses his own book launches to advise many other authors.
26:07 Biggest mistake authors make when creating and marketing a book.
28:54 Publication ‘Obstacle’ unexpectedly being taken up by the sports community.
31:23 Decision to return to American Apparel at a time of company change and what it taught him.
34:49 Entrepreneurs have to understand that they may be incapable of running what they’ve created.
35.39 Ego can be a positive, but its negatives can jeopardise that.
36:43 How Ryan realised that he was not getting what he wanted out of life.
37:34 Ryan’s work ethic.
38:48 Adrenalising.
40:06 When we are in the throes of ego we say yes to everything.
41:36 Effects of Fatherhood on the ego and work ethic.
45:38 What his tattoos remind him of.
50:39 Illustrations of non-ego from the past.
52:30 Against the trend advice to not follow your passion.
54:20 Truly successful people compete with themselves.
57:34 Actions speak louder than words.
59:99 In an age of modern technology, why is the book still relevant?
1:01:59 Does Ryan prefer people to read his books or listen to an audio version?
1:03:40 Ryan loves books and has a lot. Reading is an essential human activity.
1:05:15 Ryan’s Texas lifestyle and daily routine.
1:08:51 Strategy to avoid panic attacks and adrenalising.
1:09:53 What is a Fight Club Moment?
1:10:45.Ryan’s concept of rock bottom.
1:12:25 Explanation of chapters in his book headed ‘Maintain sobriety. Entitlement, Control and Paranoia.’
1:14:36 Why finish the book with ‘Always love’?
1:16:28 What Ryan would like people to take away from reading ‘Ego is the Enemy’
1:18:26 Ryan can trace back to his worst moments resulting from his ego.
1:20:29 The art of listening requires taking a step back from your own ego.
1:21:36 Taking Ayauasca not an ego trip.
1:24:16 The next book.
1:24:51 Does stoicism play a part in today’s world?
1:26:31 Why did Marcus Aurelias write a book on stoicism?
1:27:25 Ryan’s take on current politics in the USA.
1:30:09 What does the popularity of Trump in America say about the collective ego of Americans?
1:32:00 Which chapters should Trump read in ‘Ego is the Enemy’?
1:32:42 Success secrets.
1:33:40 Phone call to the 20 year old Ryan Holiday.
1:35:13 Best advice he has ever received.
1:37:04 Advice to the 20 year old who would like to be like him.
1:38:25 How to foster a relationship with a mentor.
1:41:39 Brian’s summing up.