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London Real

Aug 23, 2016

Philip McKernan - Discover Your Destiny (trailer)

Full Episode public release: 28-Aug-2016

This week’s returning guest on London Real is Philip McKernan. 

Philip believes that the biggest barrier to creating a meaningful life is the quality of relationship you have with yourself.

Who are you seeking approval from right now? 

Are you driven towards your goals because they are valuable in themselves, or because you want to make a point to someone? 

Are you living authentically, or at the mercy of a story that no longer works for you?

Many of us use success, money and work as a way to avoid listening to our intuition, and what that intuition is telling us.

For Philip, we live in a culture dominated by the mind. It's his mission to turn people away from their minds, and towards their true selves. 

After working with thousands of people from the rich and the powerful, to orphans in the poor world, Philip is convinced that our struggles and depressions can be healed if we would just stop and listen to our intuition.

We live a life running away from our feelings, but the sad truth is, according to Philip, they catch up with us eventually. 

The question is not what we think about money, relationships, family and work. The real question is how do they make us feel?

It’s the story behind those feelings that holds the key to living a more fulfilled life. But as Philip says, it’s that very story we are doing our best to avoid.

As he tells me in the course of our amazing discussion, when we give up trying to be who we think we should be, and allow ourselves to be who we really are, then we can start to build lasting happiness and self-worth. 

For most of us, who we are is tied up in what we do, and that's what Philip is trying to steer us away from. 

Can you define yourself outside the work you do? 

Philip’s message is powerful, and he doesn’t waste words. This week’s interview is packed with ideas and practical advice on making the leap from what Philip calls ‘mindset’ to ‘soulset’.

Just listening to Philip Mckernan is gonna make you feel like you are doing serious and fulfilling inner work. 



MUSIC:  Stephen Anderson - Fields of Light