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London Real

Aug 1, 2014

The opportunity to sit down with Peter Joseph is a unique chance to capture a moment in time with one of the great thinkers of our generation.  His first breakthrough film Zeitgeist: The Movie in 2007 was an unexpected success and he founded The Zeitgeist Movement on the back of his 2nd film Zeitgeist: Addendum.  Peter proceeded to release two additional films and produced a satirical Web series called Culture in Decline.

Engineering a leaderless movement is a conundrum itself, which is why Peter rarely does interviews and instead prefers to let the movement ideals speak for themselves.  In order to understand all of the tenets of The Zeitgeist Movement I recommend reading the TZM Defined Book available here.

What's next for Peter?  He has been busy working on a live-action genre with his InterReflections Trilogy expected in the next few years.  After producing works of documentary and satire, we can expect a new angle.  As Peter says, "The beauty of art is that it sneaks behind your ego."