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London Real

Apr 23, 2017

Nigel Owens MBE is a Welsh international rugby union referee. He is one of three professional referees at the Welsh Rugby Union.


00:00 Trailer.

02:07 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

04:44 Brian’s introduction.

05:26 The game of rugby and what it means to Nigel.

09:41The value of respect in the different culture of rugby from football (soccer).

13:41 What it is like to walk out as a referee on to the stage of a rugby field.

19:37 Known for his one liners.

25:24 How Nigel reads the temperature of a game of rugby.

29:04 The national rivalries taking place in sporting arenas.

32:11 TMOs, their use and value.

34:45 Rugby team management styles and importance of grass roots rugby.

39:49 Nigel talks proudly and passionately about Wales, the country and its language.

44:42 How Nigel came to be a referee.

49:00 Growing up in Wales, Nigel speaks out against bullying.

53:49 Mental turmoil in coming to terms with his sexuality and of a suicide attempt.

1:05:26 Further years of worry about possible consequences of coming out to the rugby community.

1:15:51 The response to him coming out.

1:17:45 Nigel talks of his journey in order to help others who struggle with mental health issues.

1:23:04 Communication by speaking to people, is key in sport, work and life.

1:26:32 Possible reasons for lack of gay players coming out in other sports.

1:32:33 Only when you are allowed to be true to yourself can you be the best at what you do.

1:37:03 The future of rugby in the context of safety in a hard, dangerous, contact sport.

1:41:59 Success secrets.

1:42:44 What we would be surprised to learn about Nigel.

1:48:02 Nigel’s sadness at not having children.

1:52:54 Phone call to the 20 year old Nigel Owens.

1:54:45 Best advice ever received.

1:55:50 Advice to the young man watching who wants to be a referee like Nigel or a rugby player.

1:57:19 Brian’s summing up.