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London Real

Sep 25, 2016

Kimberley Wyatt is an American dancer, singer, choreographer, and television personality.


Kimberley is an ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust.  She recently launched the Well-Fit campaign, which helps kids develop a positive relationship to their bodies early on in life.  She also works mentoring young talent on the TV show ‘Got to Dance’; she won Celebrity MasterChef, and all this while recently becoming a parent.  Oh yeah, and she was in the Pussycat Dolls for seven years.  Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a multi-talented, spiritual, compassionate, hard-working mother like her?

00:00 Trailer.
02:50 Brian’s Introduction.
03:23 How a girl from Missouri came to be living and working in the UK.
04:41 Why were the Pussycat Dolls so popular in Britain?
05:45 Tremendous fan support helped her to rise above feelings of exhaustion and pain.
06:24 How the Pussycat Dolls evolved to the cheeky, racy, explicit, Don’t Cha video.
07:35 Giving Don’t Cha a more urban feel for the video.
08:51 Fight of Kimberly’s life to be good enough to be in the video. Filming it was brutal.
11:26 Financial pressure to make this video a success.
12:03 What was given a great deal of thought when it came to the branding of the Pussycat Dolls.
12:27 Artist’s videos which inspired her as a child to be the one white girl dancing in their videos.
13:14 Kimberley’s early dance career.
15:48 Growing up in Missouri and moving out.
16:51 Welcome to Los Angeles honey amid fierce competition.
18:27 Trying to pay the bills whilst figuring out what she was, wanted and how to get that.
20:15 What dance means to Kimberly.
23:39 A pivotal moment when Kimberly realised what had pulled the love of dance from her.
24:59 Leaving the Pussycat Dolls.
25:38 Faking authenticity in performance.
26:24 What it takes to make a great dancer.
27:37 Why is dance at the bottom of the totem pole?
29:11 Work ethic is probably 90% of being a serious dancer, all in those heels.
30:31 Stressful time, meanwhile demonstrating she wanted to make the Pussycat Dolls a success.
33:16 The 360 deal.
34:20 What it is like being in the maelstrom of the entertainment business in Los Angeles.
35:25 When did Kimberly know she was in the band and that they were going to be big?
36:57 The moment she realised the Pussycat Dolls were really successful.
37:42 What she has learned from having had that fame.
37:49 Looking back on those 7 years of fame with the Pussycat Dolls.
41:08 How Pussycat Dolls stayed together for so long?
42:13 The two sides of Nicole Scherzinger and the decision to leave the group.
45:15 Trying lots of different ideas and her successful ventures.
50:21 Is dance the opposite of a selfie? What dance has the ability to do for families and children.
51:28 Dance as a form of expression and communication.
52:19 “You can’t see how to connect the dots until you look back”
52:34 The changing ways of achieving fitness, away from the gym, using movement.
54:51 The three rules Kimberly has always lived by.
56:47 Finding it tough participating in Celebrity Master Chef and what winning meant to her.
1:00:22 Why she chose to live and bring up a family in London rather than Los Angeles.
1:06:05 Why she thinks ego is the enemy.
1:11:09 What wellness means to her.
1:11:43 Success secrets.
1:12:24 Trying to find a balance between doing normal things and having to interact with social media.
1:15:34 The stories behind her tattoos.
1:18:05 Being very in tune with her body.
1:19:26 Trying to help 6-8 year olds understand and deal with their emotions.
1:20:09 Narcissism is a real problem now and something we need to combat.
1:21:10 Will there be a Pussycat Dolls reunion sometime in the future?
1:21:42 The NWA movie.
1:22:51 The crazy, cut-throat music business.
1:23:51 Brian’s summing up.